Heart of the Lonestar Ranch has over 23 entries in the Trophy Game Records of the World.

World Class Big Game Experience.

Picture yourself hunting, not wasting away inside some rickety blind sitting stiff and jaded through every scrawny spike or doe on some lease just off a highway. Not patiently waiting for a barely acceptable eight point white tail buck that seems to always know where you are. Not in a place with no history. No, don’t picture yourself on one of those hunts. Picture yourself deep in the heart of Texas, fast on the trail of a 38 plus inch Texas Silk buck or 42 inch Scimitar Horned Oryx native to none other than the blistering plains of Northern Africa, and yet due to the state’s climate and terrain, right at home here in the southwest.

Picture the calm beginnings of a day at Heart of the Lonestar Ranch, sunrise creeping through the leaves of Pecan and Oak trees, and dew beads clinging to the native Gramma grasses. In the distance toward the creek, you hear our famous turkey flock stirring. The air is pure and crisp and your stomach is pleasantly filled from the hearty home-style breakfast prepared moments ago, just before daylight. Next to you is one of the finest and most knowledgeable guides in the region vigilantly seeking out a prime offering of Black Buck Antelope or perhaps a striking Blesbok. There in the thicket just yards away you make out an impressive set of trophy horns. You raise your rifle and put your eye to the site as your finger eases to the trigger with anticipation. This is exotic game hunting the Texas way. This is only at Heart of the Lonestar Ranch.