All Hunts Are Guided And Fair Chase.
Heart of the Lonestar Ranch has 23 entries in the Trophy Game Records of the World.


All hunts are guided and fair chase. At Heart of the Lonestar Ranch we incorporate 3 basic styles of hunting: Stalking, Blind hunting, and/or Safari Style. You can expect shots out to 200 yards. Heart of the Lonestar Ranch has 23 entries in the Trophy Game Records of the World.

In terms of equipment, Rifles of .243 caliber and larger are recommended for deer and antelope. Some varieties of our animals require larger calibers than others. If you have a question, feel free to contact the ranch foreman for recommendations. All turkeys are hunted with shotguns.

From mid-November through the end of February very cold weather is possible, so pack accordingly. Spring, summer and fall temperatures range from pleasant to quite warm. Good boots, camouflage, and quality binoculars will increase your effectiveness.

A Texas hunting license (not included) is required for native game. Native game can only be hunted at certain times of the year, contact the ranch foreman for current seasons on native animals. Exotic hoofstock do not require a hunting license and may be hunted any time of the year.

Please be aware that Texas State law requires all hunters born on or after September 2, 1971 to have completed a Hunter Education Training Course (unless you are under 12 years of age in which you must be accompanied by someone who has completed the course, or who is exempt – born before 9/2/71). If you were born on or after 9/2/71 you have two options: 1. complete the Hunter Education Training Course or purchase a hunter education deferral and be accompanied with someone who has taken the course or is exempt from taking such.

Upon your arrival to ranch headquarters and before any hunting activities occur you will be required to sign a general release and indemnity agreement.